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Shot at, cop shoots back, hits her mark

An officer of Port Richmond’s 24th Police District was narrowly missed by bullets during a midafternoon gunfight on Monday, Oct. 24.

But the thug that shot at the officer wasn’t so lucky, police said.

According to Capt. Tom Davidson of the 24th district, police found a 37-year-old woman with an abdominal gunshot wound at about 4 p.m. at Hart Lane near Kensington Avenue.

The woman, believed to be a robbery victim, was taken to Temple University Hospital in critical condition. Police in the area were given a description of a suspect in the shooting and began a search.

Davidson said an officer — whom he declined to name — encountered 27-year-old Krandale Smalls walking along D Street shortly after the shooting. Davidson said Smalls matched the shooter’s description.

When the officer called to him from her patrol car, Smalls turned and fired several shots at her, Davidson said.

The bullets hit the officer’s vehicle and she fired back, striking Smalls in the abdomen.

The officer’s patrol car sat alone in a police garage a day after the shooting. A bullet mark scarred the door, showing where a round hit just inches from where the officer was seated.

Smalls allegedly fired at the officer while she was seated in the driver’s side.

Another bullet hit the rear driver’s side door.

“He got off a couple shots, and so did she,” said Davidson.

Smalls was taken to Temple University Hospital in critical condition. He’s been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and related offenses.

Reporter Hayden Mitman can be reached at 215–354–3124 or hmitman@bsmphilly.com

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