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Letters to the editor for the week of August 15

Will the city ever make things right?

To the editor:

This is an open letter to all Philadelphia residents. If you have problems with backed-up sewers and weeds, save yourself the headache. Do not call 3–1–1, the Philadelphia Water Department, CLIP [Community Life Improvement Programs, run by the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services], or Philadelphia City Council. The work will not be done to your satisfaction, if it is done at all.

Case in point — many people are aware of the section of Wilmot Street in Bridesburg that dead-ends in the fire officer’s yard outside of the Nicetown Tower.

Are these people aware that in the weed farm by the telephone pole, there is a sewer that hasn’t been cleaned since 1975?

I called 3–1–1 June 29, and was told when I made a follow-up call July 17 that PWD claims the sewer was cleaned July 2. Since at that point CLIP had also not responded, the 3–1–1 operator connected me to CLIP.

Having received no response from either agency, I called Councilman Henon’s office and was told I had to give CLIP 14 days’ response time. Since then, we’ve played phone tag.

Someone did possibly spray the eight to 10-foot high weeds, so now they’re brown and ungainly.

In the past, the weed farm has been the neighborhood dump, with drop-offs ranging from bikes, scooters, clothing, branches, leaves, grass cuttings, drug paraphernalia, and unmentionables.

Neighbors don’t care.

Since the city is incapable of making things right, I’m left with no choice but to make an appeal to the media.

If you want to check the 3–1–1 report, my reference number was 2351414 on June 29.


Alexis I. Macool


— –

Praying for Sikh victims in Wisconsin

To our dear Sikh brothers and sisters,

At this time of senseless violence and attack on your people and Temple in Wisconsin, we, the members of the Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia, an organization including the top religious leaders of the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Baha’i communities of Philadelphia, stand with you in solidarity, friendship, hope and prayer.

We are deeply shocked by this heinous act of violence against peaceful, innocent Americans targeted at their house of worship, apparently singled out because of their faith and appearance.

We strongly condemn violence against any religious group, and we are confident that federal, state and local law enforcement officials are closely examining the possibility that this was a hate crime.

We pray for the victims, their families and all their loved ones.

We hope that our city’s ideals — which include the birthplace of religious tolerance and freedom of worship — will continue to inspire all Americans and all citizens of our global community to work to create societies that reflect these ideals, and that we might truly become a city of brotherly love and sisterly affection.


Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Bishop Claire Schenot Burkat

Imam Anwar Muhaimin

Rabbi David Straus

Co-Conveners, Religious Leaders Council of Greater Philadelphia

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