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River Wards crime information

You will typically have more success if you report crime to several different outlets; both call and email your district and its captain, ask for the assistance of your neighborhood’s town watch, text crime tips to your district and file an official complaint with the Police Department. Also be sure to attend monthly meetings in your district and the meetings of your neighborhood town watch.

Visit your police district’s website to find the name of your district captain and locate where your monthly district meeting is held. Below is the contact information for district in STAR’s coverage area (each district’s website will have more comprehensive maps):

6th district (parts of Northern Liberties)

email: police.co_06@phila.gov



15th district (Bridesburg)

email: police.co_15@phila.gov



24th district (Port Richmond, parts of East Kensington)

email: police.co_24@phila.gov



The 24th district tip line

Anonymously report illegal activity to the district at 215–685–3281.

26th district (parts of Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Olde Richmond, East Kensington)




Philadelphia Police Department’s text tip line

You can send crime tips to the PPD on your phone by texting the tip line number PPD TIP, or 773–847. The PPD text tip line is not for emergencies, but can be used to pass along information to the police.

East Detective Division

East Detectives serve the 24th and 26th districts. Report direct tips on existing crimes at 215–686–3243, or 215–686–3244. Submit a tip online at www.phillypolice.com.forms/submit-a-tip. File an official complaint with the police department at www.phillypolice.com/forms/official-complaint-form.

The River Wards Crime Watch

Sign up for the group’s emails and visit the website or Twitter page often to learn of crime statistics and group activity. Contact them for assistance about criminal activity in your neighborhood. Contact: info@rwcw.org, Twitter: @rwcrimewatch.

Port Richmond Town Watch

Email: portrichmondtownwatch@gmail.com

Northern Liberties Town Watch

Visit: http://townwatch.nlna.org/

Bridesburg Town Watch

Confidential tip line: 215–881–5661

Other crime statistics websites:



Crime Victim Services:

6th district, 215–665–9680

15th district, 215–332–3888

24th and 26th districts, 215–426–4810

The River Wards Crime Watch also has suggested tips to further secure your home — particularly the typically less secure rear of your home — against burglaries:

•Cut wooden dowels to put in the sash of your windows; fit them snugly in the window tracks so the windows can’t be opened from the outside. Dowels are available in home improvement or craft stores.

•Remove window units from you home. Window air conditioners will sit, useless, in your windows during the winter months, and lighter units can be pushed into the home, allowing a burglar access.

•Add porch lights not only at the front of your home, but the back. Also consider installing security doors at the front and back of the home.

•Consider installing an alarm system, and put the alarm company’s stickers in your windows; change them when they fade from sunlight. Security cameras that are clearly visible also reduce the risk of your home being burglarized.

Managing editor Mikala Jamison can be reached at 215–354–3113 or at mjamison@bsmphilly.com.

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