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A big bunch of brides ready to wed tomorrow in NoLibs

The details of a unique way to wed (and a unique way to spend Valentine’s Day yourself tomorrow, if you’re so inclined).

Ordained marriage officiant Colleen McDermott said that a lot of people are very “gung-ho” on Valentine’s Day, a popular wedding date.

And tomorrow, on the day in question, she’s prepared to marry a group of brides and grooms in Northern Liberties.

McDermott has planned a group wedding at Emmanuelle, a recently-opened cocktail bar in the Piazza at Schmidt’s. Last week, seven couples had already booked their $100 ceremony, planned for tomorrow between 8 and 9 p.m.

McDermott lives in the Northeast, near Northeast High School, and went public with her company, Marry Me Philadelphia, last spring. She said she’s performed about 300 weddings, some taking place right in her own living room, with the bride and groom wearing T-shirts and jeans.

She said she gets up to 25 requests per week for last-minute ceremonies, but has never done a group wedding.

Tomorrow, the planned group wedding will include words, McDermott said, about the universal language of love. She is a non-denominational officiant.

All a couple had to do to participate was pay the $100 fee and obtain a marriage license at City Hall by Feb. 11.

So why would any couple want to spend their special Valentine’s Day getting hitched with at least 12 other people?

“The price is right,” McDermott said. “Some couples don’t really have anything to work with, [but] they want to get married.”

For this ceremony, does she expect jeans and T-shirts, or something more fancy?

“I think I’ll definitely have one girl in a wedding dress,” McDermott said.

Check out the ceremony at 8 p.m. and stay for a drink at Emmanuelle, Germantown Avenue and N. Hancock St. in the Piazza.

Learn more about McDermott’s services at www.marrymephiladelphia.com.

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