Don’t miss: Fishtown, A Hipster Noir

“A noir play about hipsters, smartphones and our dependence on technology”

Actress Tara Demmy in scene from Fishtown, A Hipster Noir.

Dedicated to creating “hilarious and satirical new plays,” theater group Tribe of Fools is constantly seeking to blur the lines between theater, dance, acrobatics and other highly visual and kinetic storytelling techniques. In executing this work, the group most recently put together a show for the 2017 Fringe Festival, bringing attention to the local neighborhood through its setting, references and title, “Fishtown, A Hipster Noir.”

Directed by Peter Smith, who also came up with the idea for the show, this performance is about a private investigator in Fishtown who is looking into an application development company and its unethical use of data-mining. Yet, the underlying message the performance seeks to convey relates to privacy in the modern world and escapism.

“Technology provides us with so much nowadays but there’s a price for access to all that information, and we so often use technology to escape our everyday problems,” Terry Brennan, the artistic director of Tribe of Fools, said. “That all being said, technology isn’t going anywhere and escapism isn’t something that is unique to technology.”

Brennan added that people have been running away from their problems as long as there have been problems. Thus, audience members can attend the show expecting to explore new ideas while joining in laughter.

Having hosted a focus group for the performance in August, and having already given numerous performances of the show from Friday, Sept. 8 to Monday, Sept. 18, Brennan says Tribe of Fools has received both critical and congratulatory criticism for “Fishtown, A Hipster Noir.” Since then, the group has made a lot of changes as suggested and has received a lot of subsequent positive feedback.

“What makes the show stand out is its funny way of examining technology and loss,” Brennan, who noted that three of the roles were pre-cast, and two were auditioned for, said. “There are some great dance numbers and a number of great comic performances.”

Upcoming performances will take place on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 8 p.m., Friday, Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m.

Each performance lasts 80 minutes and is held at The Louis Bluver Theatre at the Drake, located at 302 S. Hicks St. The entrance to the theater is halfway down Hicks Street between Spruce and Pine streets, and tickets are $15 to $25. To purchase tickets, visit the FringeArts Box Office,, or call (215) 413–1318.

For more information on Tribe of Fools, visit its website at: