Saved Me Animal Rescue to provide relief Puerto Rican pets

The organization will be assisting 20 dogs and 5 cats in finding adoption

On Sunday, Oct. 8, 20 dogs and 5 cats from hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico will seek new homes in the Philadelphia area.

This life saving effort is in coordination with Lighthouse Animal Rescue in Puerto Rico. The dogs and cats will depart San Juan and arrive at the Atlantic City Airport at approximately noon. The displaced pets will be taken by van to Saved Me Animal Rescue’s no-kill shelter, located at 858 North 3rd Street in Northern Liberties.

They will be seen by veterinarians at The Pet Mechanic and receive whatever medical care is needed to ensure they have the best chance of finding a home.

Saved Me Animal Rescue hopes to lessen the great burden on the people and pets on the island who are struggling. It also looks forward to giving these animals a second chance. It hopes this will help relieve some of the pressure on residents and agencies providing aid in the Territory. The organizations’s prayers are with all those who are suffering.