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River Wards So Fresh and So Clean

The Regina Enriquez-Teter Team plans to help cleanup the neighborhood

Michael Godio, Matthew Teter and Regina Enriquez-Teter displaying bags of trash which they collected on Saturday, Sept. 20.

The recent devastation experienced by Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the many other Caribbean islands really hit home for the Regina Enriquez-Teter Team, working out of the Keller Williams Fishtown office. After team leaders, Regina Enriquez-Teter and Matt Teter, went to help with the relief effort in Texas, they came back wanting to assist the local community as well, and thus organized a River Wards cleanup initiative, calling it “River Wards So Fresh and So Clean.”

“We had the opportunity to travel to Texas with Keller Williams for their annual conference called ‘Mega Camp,’” Enriquez-Teter said. “The conference was scheduled to happen in Austin, which is Keller Williams headquarters, from Sunday, Sept. 10 through Friday, Sept. 15, however, Hurricane Harvey hit the week before and KW decided to cancel the conference and instead turn it into a giant relief effort since real estate agents from all over the world were slated to head out.”

Enriquez-Teter added that KW had partnered up with a local church organization called Second Baptist which had the agents bused out to various neighborhoods outside of the Houston to clean up and demuck homes (essentially ripping down walls and getting rid of all moldy walls, insulation and flooring), or to help unload trucks of donations at the Second Baptist Campus. They also enabled agents along with volunteers from other local organizations to assist with displaced animals, donations, etc.

“After Houston, I realized that while monetary donations are amazing, being able to give our time to others and our local community means even so much more to people,” Enriquez-Teter said. “So I just wanted to instill that feeling back into our team and have them start getting involved with doing more for our own neighborhood where we work and live.”

Thus, with the goal of meeting twice a month on Saturday mornings, and with its first event taking place on Saturday, Oct. 14 at 9 a.m., located at outside at 2424 Studios on 2424 E. York Street, the team hopes to be able to make an impact locally by cleaning up the streets. They have stressed that all are welcome, and that those interested are encouraged to bring friends to maximize efforts.

Furthermore, the team chose to hold these cleanups twice a month, focusing on collecting anything from bottles to newspapers, to glass and leaves, to ensure that its efforts would make a consistent impact. It also stated that it will be providing contractor bags and gloves, and eventually wants to get plastic “trash-grabbers” to use. Additionally, it figured that by hosting them on Saturday morning the greatest number of community members would be available to come out.

“We’re planning to at least have all 13 of our agents and staff on our team attend, and of course anyone else that sees the invite. We plan to promote more to the neighborhood this time while cleaning,” Enriquez-Teter said. “Each weekend will be dedicated to different section of the neighborhood.”

She added that people should come out and help, not only to help improve the streets and neighborhoods in which they live, but to have fun and bond with others as well. Also, the “So Fresh and So Clean” name came about as the team is always are listening to music in the office and the song came on while they were creating the first Facebook cleanup event and brainstorming what to call it.

“Catch us in our grey team shirts twice a month each Saturday Keeping the River Ward Neighborhoods ‘so fresh and so clean,’” Enriquez-Teter said.

For more information, contact Regina Enriquez-Teter Team executive administrator, Tori, at (215) 600–0126, or via email at: tetreandteam@gmail.com.

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