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FNA holds annual board election at Wednesday’s meeting

There were 11 open spots on the board and 11 candidates on the ballot.

The Fishtown Neighbors Association held its annual board election this past Wednesday. There were 11 open spots on the board and 11 candidates on the ballot. As a result, everybody who was nominated as a candidate was subsequently elected to the board via unanimous acclamation. The new board consists of Ashley Stratton-Raynor, Eric King, Ian Wilson, Jack Inacker, Jon Geeting, Joseph Kain, Linda Huss, Maye Anne Tempone, Arthur Meckler, Philip Harter and Trevor Linton.

“All of these folks have taken an interest in their community,” said FNA president Wilson. “They’ve attended at least six meetings or events — whether that’s a clean up or it’s a committee meeting or it’s a general membership meeting like this one. They’ve expressed an interest in serving the community and asked us to serve on the board.

Wilson said the board will administer meetings, approve budgets and approve expenses for the committees. The board puts on several events throughout the year, including the FNA’s Chili Cook Off and River City Festival.

“There’s a lot that goes on and it takes a pretty decent group of dedicated individuals to pull all that off,” Wilson said.

The newly elected board members commented on why they ran.

“I’m just trying to do what I can to keep the neighborhood going in the right direction,” said Harter.

“I’m focused on the number of public space and pedestrian safety, transportation projects in the neighborhood,” said Geeting.

“I wanted to get involved with the board to help protect the green spaces,” said Inacker. “We have a collection of amazing parks in the area — great public spaces. And I wanted to make sure that they’re safe to play in, that they’re well taken care of and we can maintain them and do our best to expand them whenever we can.”

“I just want to continue being part of the community and making friends and keep working together and [to help put on] events,” said Stratton-Raynor.

Tempone, who noted she moved to Fishtown in 2006, said she was “looking forward to staying involved.”

“I love this neighborhood,” said Kain. “I would come down here as a kid all the time to visit my grandmother. When I had the chance to buy my own house, this is the first place I came, and I want the neighborhood to stay awesome.”

“I’m running for the third time because I’ve seen so many awesome things that the association has done, and I just wanted to lend my time to move the neighborhood forward,” said Linton.

“In the past 18 months [I’ve lived here], I’ve really gotten to know the neighborhood,” said Huss. “I used to come here all the time before, and I loved it before, but I really love the people and the neighborhood, and I want to volunteer for the board just to work with community members and help achieve our goals and make the neighborhood even better than what it is today.”

“I’m really excited to be involved with the FNA,” said King. “We have a great group of people and we’re doing really exciting things and we’re moving forward faster and faster I think.”

“I’ve been on the board for about 3 or 4 years now…I think I still have something to contribute,” said Meckler. “I like to fill in and participate whenever I can.”

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