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Leprechaun Sports adds free flag football league

The league will be completely free, thanks to generous donations from sponsors around the area.

Port Richmond’s Leprechaun Sports Association will be hosting its first free flag football league late next month for children aged 5–15.

“We have tackle football already,” said Bill Stahl, the organization’s president. “We already had tackle football and we wanted to expand in the spring and to introduce football for kids who haven’t played to see if they’re going to like the sport and get them into the tackle game.”

The league will be completely free, thanks to donations from sponsors around the area. According to Stahl, Bentouli’s Pizza, based in Port Richmond, provided the majority of the donations. Additionally, Stahl said, the program will be made free by numerous coaches and referees who plan to donate their time.

The league will be six weeks long. Depending on how many children sign up for the league, teams will play either one or two games a week, making the league either six or 12 games total. The games will take place at Cohocksink Recreation Center in Port Richmond.

Making the league free is consistent with Leprechaun’s desire to make sure every child gets a chance to play. If a family can’t afford to pay for one of the association’s other sports, which are not free, the association can often work with families to work something out financially.

“We serve the community, we want every child to play regardless of whether they have money or not,” Stahl said. “We find ways to subsidize costs.”

In addition to flag and tackle football, which is for ages 5–13, the Leprechaun Sports Association also has cheerleading for children aged 5–12 and basketball for kids aged 7–16.

For more information about the Leprechaun Sports Association, or if you’re looking to sign up for a league, contact leprechaunssports@yahoo.com, (267) 319–1854 or visit the organization’s website at leprechaunsysa.wixsite.com/leps.

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