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Riverfront North currently offering complimentary clean-up kits to River Wards residents.

Beautiful day in the River Wards: Riverfront North is offering complimentary cleanup kits to River Wards residents. PHOTO COURTESY OF RIVERFRONT NORTH.

With spring just around the corner, annual citywide cleanups packed with hundreds of volunteers may look slightly different this year amid the pandemic.

That doesn’t mean you have to turn a blind eye to trash taking up space in your neighborhood.

Riverfront North Partnership is now offering complimentary cleanup kits to River Wards residents.

Keeping the communities connected amid social distancing guidelines is key.

“During these times of social  distancing, we want to be able to continue to connect with community members and do all that we can to keep our trails, parks and neighborhoods clean,” said Brian Green, programs and partnerships manager for Riverfront North. “This cleanup-kit initiative helps us connect the wonderful efforts of our volunteers with the supplies they need to have an impact.”

The program launched on Tuesday, Feb. 23, with kits available for pickup at River Wards Cafe, 3118 Richmond St., and Philly Reclaim Warehouse, 5200 Unruh Ave., Section J.

To receive a kit, ask for a “Riverfront North Cleanup kit” at either location.

Residents are free to keep the kit or return after use.

Riverfront North is providing tips for kit use including:

Not picking up sharp objects such as needles, broken glass or metal.

Using gloves while cleaning and washing your hands after cleaning.

Reporting large dump sites and other blight problems using Philly 311.

Emptying trash from buckets into an existing park trash can or placing tied-up trash bags in an existing park trash can or with your weekly trash collection for the city. ••

Residents are encouraged to share photos of the kits in action by using #riverfrontnorthcleanup or tagging @riverfrontnorth on social media for a chance to win prizes.

For more details, visit riverfrontnorth.org/free-solo-clean-up-kits/.


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