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A site grows in Philly

Philly Nature website to provide resources to connect to urban nature for residents citywide.

Wild about nature: Philly Nature is now live.

As Philly readies for spring to sweep the city, it’ll have a new resource to engage in nature at all levels.

Sandi Vincenti and Bernard Brown launched Philly Nature, a website geared toward connecting Philadelphians with nature throughout the city.

“We are starting with a website that will provide necessary information about animals, plants and other wildlife in Philadelphia and serve as a hub for nature education and citizen science efforts,” Vincenti said. “It is a project of the nonprofit A Child’s Inspiration: Wildlife Discovery Garden.”

The co-founders launched the website in February and began planning the concept in the fall.  

The duo came together to collaborate over their shared passion and mission to connect Philadelphians with “our wild neighbors.”

Brown writes about urban nature for Grid Magazine, has a podcast called the Urban Wildlife Podcast and is involved with other local nature initiatives like the City Nature Challenge.

His work eventually led him to Vincenti’s Fishtown-based nonprofit, A Child’s Inspiration: Wildlife Discovery Garden and the Nature Heroes

While the nonprofit was initially created with children in mind, Philly Nature will expand its audience, offering educational resources and curriculum for all ages. 

Workshops and activities will still be provided through Nature Heroes programming, according to Vincenti.

And, while Brown and Vincenti acknowledge the plethora of organizations and programs in Philly dedicated to nature, Philly Nature is taking an inclusive approach.

“Many organizations and programs deal with nature in Philadelphia, though, these are mostly specific to places, such as nature centers, parks or occasionally to types of plants or animals,” Brown said. “We wanted to create something inclusive of the entire city and all its landscapes, both ‘wild’ and ‘urban’.”

To achieve this, Philly Nature will feature posts about species living in the city and a hub for nature events and activities occurring.

Content will include videos and interactive content such as Philly Nature and Grid: Beavers.

There is currently an online fundraiser, Be a Philly Nature Hero, to help cover the costs of launching the website and ongoing content development. 

To learn more about Philly Nature, visit www.phillynature.org. To donate, visit https://donorbox.org/be-a-philly-nature-hero.

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