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Alvarez emotional after loss on TNT

Eddie Alvarez was disqualified in his fight Wednesday night on TNT. Source: ONE Fighting Championships

If you’re an Eddie Alvarez fan, Wednesday’s fight was probably the toughest you’ve ever watched.

Alvarez was disqualified in the first round when the referee ruled he punched his opponent, Iuri Lapicus, in the back of the head in their One Championship fight on TNT.

It was tough to watch because Alvarez was nearly in tears following the fight, and it wasn’t because of the result.

Lapicus was hurt during the fight, and he had to be stretchered out after the match in Singapore.

The disqualification was controversial because Lapicus turned his head into the punches, giving Alvarez, who was on top, no target. Many thought it was a bad decision, others applauded it.

Alvarez was mostly upset that he hurt his opponent, but he was also sorry that his showcase fight was over seconds after it started and without a decision on who was the better fighter.

He was also was upset because Alvarez is a good person.

It’s funny to think that a guy who beats people up and chokes them out for a living is a great person, but it’s true. In fact, it’s true with most MMA fighters.

Alvarez is a family man first. The 2001 North Catholic High School graduate fights to provide for his family. If you talk to him, he’s way happier talking about his children or his wife than he is about fighting. He loves fighting, but he loves his family way more.

Alvarez is also quick to help people in need. He’s been that way his whole life, and charity is a big part of his life. He grew up in Kensington, and he never forgot where he came from. When someone needs help, Alvarez is there, and he’s been known to get in touch with local athletes before big games or events to offer well wishes and advice.

He’s also a very proud fighter.

The former UFC lightweight champion has been a huge pioneer for the sport, especially in Philadelphia. He always represents our city, he’s made it his mission to bring a big MMA card to Philly, and he’s quick to give back to up-and-coming fighters from the area.

I thought watching fights that Alvarez loses was tough, but watching him after this fight was way harder.

You could tell he was shaken. And the main reason was because he was upset Lapicus was hurt.

But when he signed with One, he really wanted to be the face of the promotion, and he still is, but he wanted to put on a show while fighting on prime time in the United States.

It wasn’t a great night for UFC fighters. In the second fight of the night, Adriano Moraes knocked out Demetrious Johnson in the second round of their battle.

Johnson and Alvarez are arguably the two biggest stars of the promotion, and neither got the result they wanted.

It certainly wasn’t the kind of fight Alvarez wanted.

“I apologize,” Alvarez said with his voice cracking during an in-cage interview when asked if he had any message for his fans. “Honestly, I just keep thinking about Iuri on the stretcher. I’ve been on that side before, and it’s kind of messing me up. I just want to know that Iuri’s fine and then we can all go home. That’s it, that’s all.”

Alvarez will rebound. Hopefully, Lapicus just got his bell rung and he recovers quickly. That’s the news Alvarez is waiting on right now.

Alvarez is the type of competitor who loves to knock out his opponent or get them to submit.

He’s the type of person who wants to congratulate his opponent and watch them both walk out of the cage with no permanent damage.

Let’s hope Lapicus is fine and Alvarez can get back to doing what he loves and what he’s very good at, fighting and representing Philadelphia for the tough and honorable competitor he’s proven to be during his long MMA career.

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