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Letter to the Editor

A lesson in Lower East Kensington

When I was about 7 or 8, my great-grandfather, who was a Philadelphia park guard, thought it was important that a child should know where he lives in case he got lost.

So, I would tell him our street address in Fishtown.

He said the address was right, but it’s not Fishtown (Belgrade and Dauphin).

He would tell me that it is Lower East Kensington and that Fishtown started at Norris Street and the river and would go up Norris Street to Frankford Ave. and then Frankford Ave. back down to the river again.

And, everything in between that area was Fishtown.

So, that’s what I always believed was the Fishtown boundary.

                                                            -Mickey K 

                                                           Belgrade and Dauphin streets


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