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FNA holds zoning meeting for Sepviva development

Developers provided details of the proposed project

The location of the project on Sepviva Street as presented during the meeting.

The Fishtown Neighbors Association held a zoning meeting on Tuesday, May 4, over Zoom for a potential development at 418 Sepviva St.

The meeting, which was hosted by FNA zoning committee chairman Will Dungan and attended by numerous community members, featured a brief overview of the proposal as well as various images of the location in question. Questions from the neighborhood were also addressed.

The project would see the construction of two single family homes on two separate parcels of land on Sepviva Street. The three-story homes will feature living areas in the cellar and on the ground floor, an office/bedroom on the ground floor, a garage and a roof deck.

The proposal also requires a trio of variances. One is for each parcel of land being smaller than the minimum lot size in the zoning district, as one is 640 square feet and the other is 1,040 square feet while the minimum size is 1,440 square feet. Another is for the fact that accessory parking can’t be accessed from a front street in the zoning district. The final one is for yard depth of 4 feet, as opposed to the required 7 feet, on one of the parcels of land.

David Orphanides, a lawyer for the project, said that although he wasn’t able to provide full details of the project due to a scheduling mishap, he still appreciated any and all community input. 

“I think it’s a nice opportunity to be able to do that and get feedback and then come back,” Orphanides said. “And if there’s anything to address, we can address it then.”  

The developers will be returning for a more in-depth presentation in the near future, most likely in June.

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