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KP’s Fine Meats launches in-house cured meats and salumi program

A trio of new products will now be available at the shop

Photo courtesy of KP’s Fine Meats

KP’s Fine Meats, the Port Richmond-based butcher shop, recently announced the start of its new line of cured meats and salumi.

Prepared by in-house salumier Joe Trinkle, the products that will now be available as part of the program include classic duck prosciutto, pancetta arrabiata and pork filetto. All are available for purchase both online and in-store.

“As a butcher shop in the Philadelphia-area curing their own meats and selling directly to consumers, the folks at KP’s Fine Meats are stoked to introduce this new line of signature Philly-made salumi that is available for pick-up in their shop or on their website for free delivery,” the company said in a press release. 

Visitors to KP’s, 2329 E. Clearfield St., will be able to view the chamber the products are cured in as soon as they enter the shop. Not only will the entire curing process be visible to company regulars, but visitors will be able to learn about each step from the shop’s staff.

Trinkle expressed his excitement about being able to introduce his meat-curation styles, which he has developed over the years, to the entire neighborhood.    

“Bold influences from around the world informed my initial personal palette,” Trinkle said. “Being introduced to the balanced, technique-based flavor profiles from France, and studying curing and maturation methods from Europe in general, I think I’ve synthesized these elements into a kind of New World approach to what we casually refer to in the United States as charcuterie.”

KP’s said that they are anxious to blend both their goals as a butcher shop and their eagerness to provide fresh, locally made salumi to the area while also educating people in the process.  

“Combining new ideas with age-old techniques, they’re very excited to introduce customers to this Philly-born cured meat program,” the company said.

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