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Riverwards Produce invites customers to buy local for Thanksgiving

Vincent and Kyle Smith, of Smith Poultry. Photo courtesy of Riverwards Produce

Vincent Finazzo, owner of Riverwards Produce, with locations at 2200 E. Norris St. in Fishtown and 146 Bread St. in Old City, dedicates a substantial amount of his markets’ shelf space to countless local artisans and makers.

Finazzo is hoping people patronize his markets when shopping for Thanksgiving food.

“If you’re going to make a big deal about a meal, you should find the best ingredients possible. And if those ingredients support real people in industries local to where you live, it’s a win-win for everyone,” Finazzo said.

“With supply-chain issues everywhere you turn, we do our damn best to make sure we have everything you need in one place. We have more control over supply because almost everything we have is produced locally. Thanksgiving should be about celebrating the local bounty, and we work really hard to be the place to capture all of it.”

Riverwards Produce will be offering whole turkeys from both Smith Poultry and Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op, available now for preorder through Nov. 17 (or sellout), with turkeys ranging from either 8 to 12 or 12 to 16 pounds. Visit http://riverwardsproduce.com/thanksgiving to pre-order turkeys.

The market is fully stocked with apple cider and apples from Ben Wenk’s 3 Springs Fruit Farm, including a multitude of baking apples, from classics to heirloom varieties. The store offers Brussels sprouts grown specifically for them from LeRoy Fisher of Country Hill Produce, which Finazzo says are sweeter and nuttier than any Brussels sprouts he’s ever tasted. Local eggs, potatoes and squash, including honeynut, come from Sunny Harvest, an Amish farming cooperative. For pre-dinner charcuterie boards, there are cured meats, and there are local cheeses from Valley Milkhouse and Kensington’s Perrystead Dairy as well as pickles from Fishtown Pickle Project. For stuffing, Finazzo is stocking bread from Lost Bread Co., Mighty Bread Co. and Merzbacher’s as well as beef and pork for sausages from Stryker Farm near Wind Gap, Northampton County.

For those who don’t eat turkey, Riverwards stocks Green Circle Lancaster chickens, and for vegans, there are many plant-based meat options available, including Bandit dairy-free cheeses. For dessert, Finazzo offers varieties of gelato from Fiore Fine Foods and Milk Jawn ice cream. There is also a large selection of local butter, including vegan options, as well as milk from Oasis Farm & Fishery in Pittsburgh and eggs from Horse Shoe Ranch in Pottstown.

“We are only going to carry what we feel are the best, most flavorful ingredients and products, and almost every single offering we have for Thanksgiving is locally grown or made,” Finazzo said. “We are here for the essentials, and while I understand budget food shopping, when it comes to Thanksgiving, this is the perfect time to not only support local businesses for the holidays, but to make sure you’re putting out the best product possible when having what is arguably the most anticipated dinner of the year for so many people.”

Both locations are open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Learn more at http://riverwardsproduce.com. ••

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