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Rock to the Future earns award

Rock to the Future has been selected as a top 10 awardee for the Lewis Prize for Music Catalyst Award. The Catalyst Award grants $50,000 to leaders and programs with impressive impact and reach that focus on creative youth development.

With this funding, Rock to the Future will expand its music and mentoring programs in public schools, community locations, juvenile justice facilities and intervention programs.

Rock to the Future serves more than 600 children and teens annually through after-school, in-school and summer programs. All of the programs are provided at no cost for students through partnerships with schools, community locations and juvenile justice facilities.

Programs combine music programming – like learning guitar, bass, drums, piano, music production, original songwriting and live performance – with education, mentoring and social services support.

For more information on Rock to the Future, visit https://rocktothefuture.org/. ••

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