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Supporting victims, combating gun violence

It was a busy week for the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime Prevention and Delinquency as Gov. Josh Shapiro announced funding measures and grants that support crime victims and address the causes of violence around the state.

Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, who chairs the PCCD, highlighted the measures that will be funded in part by federal grants.  

“With the current epidemic of gun violence across Pennsylvania, it is past time to take action,” Davis said. “Supporting gun violence victims must be central to those efforts. I look forward to reviewing the valuable information that will be gathered through the Resources for Victims of Gun Violence initiative and using the findings to create an actionable, equitable path forward for all Pennsylvanians touched by this epidemic.”

In September, the PCCD Victims Advisory Committee received funds from the federal Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program as part of a $3 million commitment to bolster the Resources for Victims of Gun Violence program.

A further $10 million framework will allow local jurisdictions to more easily become compliant with the National Incident-Based Reporting System and strengthen efforts to support victims.

Federal grant funding in the amount of $12 million was announced as part of the STOP Violence Against Women Formula, which will make the funds available to county-level government agencies and nonprofit victim services agencies. Designed to enhance Services, Training, Officers and Prosecutors, the STOP Formula Grants were authorized under the federal Violence Against Women Act.  

“PCCD is proud to support communities in their efforts to come together to develop and strengthen effective responses to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking and promote positive outcomes for victims,” PCCD Executive Director Mike Pennington said. “The education, prevention, intervention and cross-system coordination provided by county STOP teams are critical in curbing abuse and violence in Pennsylvania.”

Information on funding requirements and more information on the programs can be found at pddc.pa.gov.

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