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Governor celebrating Small Business Week in Pennsylvania

Gov. Josh Shapiro marked the beginning of Small Business Week with events across the commonwealth dedicated to bolstering Pennsylvania’s economy by supporting the state’s foundational businesses on main streets and in downtown business districts.

As part of the effort to highlight the April 28 to May 4 Small Business Week in Pennsylvania, Department of Community and Economic Development Secretary Rick Siger toured New Cumberland.

The governor’s 2024-25 budget proposes $25 million for the Main Street Matters program. Shapiro hopes to use the current Keystone Communities program administered by Siger’s DCED department.

Shapiro believes that small businesses, downtowns and main streets all across the commonwealth enhance the economy and support thousands of jobs.

“The driving force behind Pennsylvania’s economy is the innovation, passion and hard work of entrepreneurs and small businesses,” Siger said.

The governor and DCED secretary Siger will cross the state in the coming days heralding the efforts the 2024-25 budget is designed to address.

“When our communities thrive, so do our small businesses,” Siger said. “That’s why Gov. Shapiro is calling for smart investments that strengthen our downtowns and communities through the proposed Main Street Matters program.”

Along with the $25 million commitment to the Main Street Matters initiative, there is a half-a-billion-dollar commitment to PA SITES, dedicated to developing commercial and industrial sites across the state. A further $20 million is targeted for research and development assets, plus another $3.5 million to launch the Pennsylvania Regional Economic Competitiveness Challenge.

Among the efforts that will be funded by the proposed budget are:

The PA Office of International Business Development, which will help small businesses expand into international markets.

The 15 Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers, which serve all 67 Pennsylvania counties. SBDC’s focus is on entrepreneurs and small business owners hoping to launch new businesses.

Funding programs such as the Pennsylvania Minority Business Development Authority and the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority, which offer low-interest loan programs for small businesses.

The PA Business One-Stop Shop, which provides support for businesses starting with the planning stage through opening and expanding and every step in between.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners, which provides support for existing manufacturers and technology firms.

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