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Eagles mark their schedule for success

The 2024 Eagles season is real.

And for about $10,000 per person you can make a great week of opening night in Sao Paulo. The NFL will even throw in the Green Bay Packers for free.

For most of us, who won’t be heading to Brazil, the Eagles make their home debut on Monday Night Football in Week 2 against the Falcons.

That was the first big revelation of the NFL schedule release as far as the Eagles are concerned. From there, a few aspects of the 2024 Eagles schedule deserve mention.

This schedule is easier than last year.

While that figures after the end-of-season collapse and the second-place finish in the NFC East, it will help the team transition to the post-Kelce era.

The biggest sign that the schedule is easier is the fact that there are only three opponents that won a playoff game last season. Green Bay out of the gate in Brazil, at the Buccaneers in Week 4 and at the Ravens in Week 13.

The Packers are a tossup. There’s no telling how a trip to the southern hemisphere will affect the game. Does the football spin the other direction?

Tampa will be one of the biggest touchstones of the early season. Returning to the scene of the end of last season with a chance for redemption. Count the Eagles fortunate that they get a game like this early enough in the season to mean something.

Which brings us to the second takeaway from the schedule drop.

The Eagles got a very early bye, in Week 5. In theory, teams would prefer a later bye. Certainly the Eagles would. A Week-5 bye means that the Eagles will play 13 consecutive weeks before the playoffs begin. That’s an awful long time to go and go and go. The NFL gave the Eagles no favors there.

After last year’s six-game march of death that cratered the season, this year is a bit more kind, especially on the road. Three of the biggest, toughest games come on the road, Week 8 against the Bengals and a healthy Joe Burrow and back-to-back trips to the Rams and Ravens in Weeks 12 and 13.  

The Eagles have five national night games, starting in Brazil and the Falcons the following week. Week 9 is a Sunday night home game against the Jaguars and Eagles’ Super Bowl coach Doug Pederson. The Eagles Thursday night appearance comes in Week 11 against Washington, followed by an extended break for a Sunday nighter at the Rams.

The Eagles will see a lot of the night but they’ll have plenty of sunshine, too. The Eagles have six 1 p.m. games. For old-school football fans, that’s always a bonus.

The final takeaway from the Eagles 2024 schedule is the NFC East slate.

The Eagles play up the Turnpike at the Giants in Week 7. Then, starting with Week 10 at Dallas, the Eagles jam in the other five NFC East games, ending with the Giants to close out the season and a run of three straight NFC East games.

The Eagles season begins in a few short months. It can’t come quick enough.

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