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River wards hit the big screen with ‘Cost of a Soul’ this weekend

In 2009, Norristown native Sean Kirkpatrick and a handful of others gathered in the river wards to tell a story.Setting up shop in a house...

Four way fight to take 1st unfolds on Tuesday

(From left) 1st District candidates Vern Anastasio, Joe Grace, Mark Squilla and Jeff Hornstein debated issues facing the district last week at the Veteran...

Fairmount frustrated over parking

City officials met with the Fairmount Civic Association last week to address parking concerns.In a special meeting, Thursday, May 5, the Fairmount Civic Association...

Grant aims to pair services in city’s most drug-ridden police districts

The communities served by the city’s 24th and 25th police districts are some of the areas in the city most stricken by drug addiction...

Fallen heroes remembered as Philly’s Police Week kicks off

The chilly rainstorm of Wednesday, May 4, seemed symbolically appropriate during last week’s Living Flame Memorial Service, held at Franklin Square Park near 6th...

Bottom Dollar could come to Brewerytown

It may have been a long time coming — and plans are still far from final — but the Brewerytown community might finally have access to a local...

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