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When Bridesburg native Adam Gault began fostering Petey in September, things were looking anywhere but up. The pup’s longtime, former owner, the late St. John...

Time Out: Leprechaun Sports Association

The Leprechauns Sports Association clubhouse in Port Richmond should be brimming with excitement about the program’s 60th anniversary.  Instead, sustainability for the future is the...

Three cheers for Trish

Patricia “Trish” Fries has Cougars blood running through her veins. Her father, Tom Lynch, 77, is one of the original members of the Bridesburg Father’s...

Pierogi Fest sells outs in Port Richmond, looks to expand next year.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Campbell Square and the surrounding community has digested Pierogi Fest, and all the feedback that followed it. While overall...

Here’s how to improve pedestrian safety along Kensington’s Frankford Avenue business corridor, according to 5th Square

For any Kensington or Fishtown resident, Frankford Avenue is an oft-traveled, main corridor throughout the neighborhood. It’s where people from all over the River...

At last, the Bridesburg Recreation Center gets its new pool

For the first time since the 1950s, the Bridesburg Recreation Center finally has a brand new pool. After spending all of last year under...

This Fishtown resident supports war heroes and educates the youth

Fishtown resident Sandy Bukowski had been a public school teacher for 30 years before she was asked to be on board for Philadelphia Vietnam...

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