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Riverfront North launches Bridesburg FIT initiative.

Going the distance: Riverfront North has mapped out a route from the Bridesburg Rec to the location of the future riverfront park in Bridesburg. PHOTO COURTESY OF RIVERFRONT NORTH

While participants may not have been running side by side on the streets of Bridesburg for this year’s Youth Bri Tri, the event went virtual, and a new initiative took off running.

Riverfront North Partnership launched Bridesburg FIT in response to the annual triathlon event sponsored by the Bridesburg Recreation Center, 4601 Richmond St.

“It started as a way to help kids doing the Bri-Tri measure their run and biking distances since the event is virtual this year,” said Lindsay Brzowski Woodruff, communications manager at Riverfront North. “While figuring out the best route, we realized it might be a good resource for anyone in the community who is looking to increase their fitness with a walk, jog or bike ride, no matter what their abilities or goals.”

With distances already measured out and designated by signs along the path, there’s nothing more to do than lace up your shoes and get going.

Mile markers for the route begin at the rec, “since it is such a hub of the community and where the Bri Tri is normally headquartered,” Brzowski Woodruff added.

Anyone looking to follow the route should continue on Richmond Street, make a left on Orthodox Street and turn right onto Delaware Avenue, the intersection at which the future riverfront park will be located. 

“Some folks don’t realize there is a safe off-road trail that starts there and continues for over 2 miles,” Brzowski Woodruff said.

Mile markers are placed at ¼ mile, ½ mile, 1 mile and 2 miles.

The route continues onto the Port Richmond Trail, which runs past Pulaski Park and along Allegheny Avenue to Richmond Street in Port Richmond.

Riverfront North hopes the route serves as a silver lining amid uncertainty.

Although the past four to five months have been extremely challenging, one positive note is to see how many people are out using parks and trails.  The Port Richmond Trail has seen a 197 percent increase in use from the same time last year,” said Gina Craigo, community engagement manager at Riverfront North. “We want folks to continue using the trail to walk, bike, run.  It’s been great to see the kids out riding their bikes – it’s a safe place for them.  And with the funding for Phase 1 of the Bridesburg Riverfront Park now complete, we especially want the residents of Bridesburg to connect from their homes, and from the Rec to the new park.”

Individuals following the route are encouraged to share their Bridesburg FIT journey and tag @riverfrontnorth on social media.

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