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“Inside the Birds Pregame Live Presented by DraftKings” will be held before every Eagles game at Goose Island Philadelphia, 1002 Canal St. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

If you’re looking to do Eagle chants and hear hosts scream that the offensive line sucks or Doug Pederson is a bum, this might not be the show for you.

Sure, there will be plenty of passion, but when it comes to Eagles football, “Inside the Birds Pregame Live Presented by DraftKings” is there to keep you informed and help you learn about Philly’s football team.

The show, which is recorded live prior to Eagles games at Goose Island Philadelphia, 1002 Canal St., is the newest venture of Inside the Birds, a company put together by Eagles insiders Geoff Mosher and Adam Caplan that started about three years ago.

“It’s pretty cool how it worked out because it’s not too often you’ll have two guys like Adam and I available at the same time,” said Mosher, who has worked as an Eagles beat writer for newspapers and Comcast SportsNet. “Adam was at ESPN, and I was with 97.5 (The Fanatic), and while I loved it there, I wanted to try something, so we decided to try this. At first it was a podcast, and now, it’s grown to so much more.

“We have the podcast, we’re an LLC, we’re a company, we have a website with a very good writer and the pregame show.”

The show came together very quickly, but it wasn’t something they had to do a lot of preparation for because it’s what Caplan and Mosher do. Inside the Birds isn’t just a career, it’s a passion for both, who are co-executive producers of the show, and when the idea was pitched to do the show, which is also broadcast live on YouTube and social media, they wasted no time in agreeing to do it. Their business manager, Josh Weinfeld, handled all the particulars, and Mosher and Caplan did what they did best.

And what they love to do.

“When they first asked us to do the show, I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do it because we had to do it very quickly,” said Caplan, who has worked for ESPN, Comcast SportsNet and the Fanatic. “But I think it worked out because we know each other so well, and the familiarity with it. I love that Geoff is in the host chair. He does a great job, and we enjoy working together.“

While Mosher and Caplan are the push behind Inside the Birds, they also have a great supporting cast on the pregame show, which features former Philadelphia Eagle Tre Thomas and NFL Films’ Greg Cosell. The two-hour program begins three hours before the Eagles kickoff each week, and while the debut show was closed to fans, now the show will be in front of a live audience, with social distancing rules enforced.

“It’s a great place, I think people will have a lot of fun with it,” Mosher said. “I always say, right, that it’s going to be fun when the Eagles are very good or when the Eagles are very bad. But we’re doing something different. We’re a lot different. We’re trying to give analysis. It’s different because we talk to a lot of people through the league. We talk to executives in the league and guys who are out of the league. We really work hard on giving fans things that you won’t get at other places.”

They’ve also had some help breaking into the area.

They credit Marc Collazzo, executive director with the Fishtown Kensington Area Business Improvement District, for helping them land the spot at Goose Island Philadelphia.

“It’s a great area down there, we’re having fun with it, and Marc has helped us a lot with that,” Mosher said. “We think it will be a perfect spot for us. It’s nice to have a place where fans can go and we can talk to them.”

It’s also fun for Mosher and Caplan because it continues to grow their enterprise.

Both started out as journalists, but they’ve worked hard to expand their company and are happy to see the hard work they’ve put into it produce a product that is getting rave reviews. They plan on continuing that effort.

“We love doing it because we are doing this on our own,” said Caplan, a native of Cheltenham. “We are working with great people, we’re lucky to have them. Not a lot of TV shows have guys who played in the NFL or work with NFL Films. But we don’t have to answer to producers. We do what we want and we’ve been around so we know what people want.

“I don’t want to say we’re not for casual fans, because we are, but we’re also for fans who want to learn. We will get you information you’re not hearing somewhere else. We’re not a screaming show. There are a lot of those, but that’s not what we are.”

If you’re looking to understand why the Eagles are winning or losing, this is probably the show for you.

“We’re able to talk to people and get that information out,” Mosher said. “I’m a journalist first. We love finding out why things are happening and telling people.”

Caplan and Mosher are the brand, and you can hear them on all of their platforms on Inside The Birds, including the website and social media. They are also on The Fanatic and rotate in on Football at Four every day at 4 p.m. on ESPN 97.3 in Atlantic City.

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