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Nungesser supporters gather at Krick Wuder

From left: Ward leaders Chris Vogler and Matt Wolfe; state Rep. Martina White; legislative candidates John Nungesser and Drew Murray; ward leader Pete Smith; and legislative candidate Aaron Bashir.

John Nungesser, the Republican candidate in the 177th Legislative District, held a fundraiser on Saturday afternoon at Krick Wuder, a saloon at 2676 Bridge St. in Bridesburg.

Nungesser is challenging Democratic Rep. Joe Hohenstein.

Among those in attendance were state Rep. Martina White, legislative candidates Aaron Bashir and Drew Murray and ward leaders Chris Vogler, Pete Smith and Matt Wolfe.

Nungesser thanked the police officers and hospital workers in the crowd and described himself as “from the neighborhood and for the neighborhood.”

White, chairwoman of the local GOP, credited Nungesser for working hard on the campaign trail, including knocking on doors and organizing community cleanups. She said the candidate, if elected, will support law-and-order legislation and be a proponent for veterans and good-paying jobs.

“John Nungesser is going to pick up where John Taylor left off,” she said, referring to the retired lawmaker who served from 1985 to 2018. ••

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