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Rolo, Jeffrey could be right for you

Rolo is a super-sweet, young mixed-breed (likely some Shepherd) pup who is in foster care through Philadelphia’s Animal Care and Control. Rolo is big dog-friendly and has a few dog friends she goes for walks with. Rolo would likely do well with a bigger dog and has had several great dog meets. She would not do well with cats and other small animals. She gets excited when humans come over to visit her and she likes to be around her humans. She has some separation anxiety. If you work from home (even some of the time), she would absolutely love that. If you’d like to find out more about this amazing pup, email Hailey at haileyheikkinen@gmail.com. ••

Jeffery was part of a huge litter of hamsters. He was a result of an unwanted pregnancy. He is working on being handled. A home is being sought for owners to continue to work with his social skills.

Details are at https://nar.rescuegroups.org/animals/detail?AnimalID=18615450.

For more information or to volunteer at Northeast Animal Rescue, visit nar.rescuegroups.org. ••

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