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Campbell’s honors Jason Kelce with limited edition soup

With the announcement of Eagles center Jason Kelce, another Philadelphia-area icon announced its own tribute to Kelce and its long-running Chunky Soup campaign featuring National Football League players and their mothers.

Kelce, his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis, and mother Donna were prominent in this year’s National Chunky Soup campaign.

Upon Kelce’s retirement, Campbell’s announced its first-ever Legend Edition can to honor Kelce’s impact on the Philadelphia community.  

In conjunction with the launch of the tribute, Campbell’s has donated $62,000 to Kelce’s charity (Be)Philly, which “invests in the next generation, by improving the education and economic outcomes of students in the Philadelphia public schools.”

“I’m honored Campbell’s® Chunky® created this ‘Legend Edition’ can to celebrate me and my football career,” Kelce said. “And as an added bonus to this awesome can, it means a lot that Chunky is also donating to (Be)Philly, a charity I founded and have put a lot of heart into.”

Fans are invited to enter for a chance to win a giveaway of one of 620 limited edition, collectible cans at www.campbellschunkylegendedition.com

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