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Eagles’ Jalen Hurts is not too cool for school

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is a cool customer.

Everything about the Eagles signal caller speaks to his priority of keeping calm even in the most stressful situations.

A classroom isn’t supposed to be a heated situation so Hurts decided to do something about it.

Hurts has committed $200,000 to the School District of Philadelphia, to fund the purchase and installation of more than 300 air conditioning units in 10 schools across the district. Hurts wants area classroom to be as cool as he is, as the spring turns to summer.

The 10 schools are Clara Barton, Gloria Casarez, Castor Gardens, D. Newlin Fell, Thomas Finletter, Fitler Academics Plus, Benjamin Franklin/Science Leadership Academy, Edward Gideon, Abram Jenks and T. Roosevelt.

“I believe every child deserves a comfortable space to learn and grow,” said Hurts, who expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “Philadelphia has given me so much, and I’m excited to give back to the community in a way that supports our future leaders. Ensuring our schools are equipped with essential resources like air conditioning is one step toward helping our students achieve their very best.”

The district is accelerating its efforts to modernize and streamline its facilities. The belief is providing a safe, comfortable, healthy environment in schools gives the staff, its students and the entire community a better, more effective place to learn and study.

Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia Tony B. Watlington Sr. welcomes the support of one of Philadelphia’s most respected public figures.

“We are incredibly grateful to Jalen Hurts for his generosity and commitment to our schools, our students and our employees,” Watlington said. “This contribution not only enhances the physical infrastructure of our schools but also demonstrates a meaningful investment in our students’ well-being and academic success. As temperatures continue to rise in Philadelphia, we know that air conditioning can significantly influence the learning experience.”

Since 2022, more than 40 schools have upgraded their air conditioning systems. As part of a five-year effort to improve their facilities across the board, the district is targeting some of its most challenging campuses. With the average age of the district’s school buildings increasing, the urgency to upgrade becomes more important.

Hurts’ commitment helps the district prioritize the extensive upgrade and allows them to take place during the summer and when the students are not in the buildings.

“With Jalen’s donation, we are directly impacting the urgent need for climate-controlled and environmentally suitable educational facilities that enable improved academic achievement in schools that have struggled through the warmer months,” District Chief Operating Officer Oz Hill said. “This initiative not only improves current student attendance and learning, but it also paves the way for future upgrades throughout the district.”

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